How Many Promotional Products Should you Order?

When you order promotional items, quantifying your expectations is crucial to keep your budget as long as possible. You can save more on high quality promotions by ordering in bulk, making sure you don’t run out of giveaways at the next trade show. You don’t want to have 200 more umbrellas than you actually need, only to find your company gobbling up costs.
Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for how many promotional items you need to order for your next marketing campaign. Instead, follow our guidelines to master the basic numbers so you can confidently list them. 
Look at your calendar. The number of ads you order will depend on your marketing plan and how much your brand will promote this year. Do you attend an industry fair or event every month? In this case, it’s more cost-effective to order in bulk a multi-purpose unique promotional items such as pens and hats. You’ll save overall costs and make a lasting impression by stocking your office with transportable giveaways. Hats alone can generate over 3,000 impressions!
Use existing data. Your marketing probably won’t start from scratch. If you are organizing an event, did you hold a similar event last year? Read the event’s registration list and final indicators to see how many people will participate. This will give you a general idea of how many freebies, such as water bottles and tote bags, you should have on hand.
This is also true if you don’t go to a trade show, but simply order a promotion for your sales team or have some branded office supplies in your office. Talk to your human resources manager or office manager to see if you have any data on how many promotional items your company ordered last year and how many you used. This will help you make adjustments and order the optimal number of promotional products.
Limit orders for special events. Targeted events — such as earth day for the environment or health care week — offer unique opportunities to show gratitude to niche customers or to boost confidence in your brand. However, these special events have a clear deadline, so order the quantity conservatively advertised, making your dollar stretch even further.
Consider the size. Choosing the right size and proportion is as important as buying the right clothes when ordering wholesale promotional items such as t-shirts. If you don’t research your audience, you may run out of sizes or have dozens of shirts left over.
Try some samples. When you have a physical sample in front of you, it becomes easy to gauge how many promotional items you should buy. Browsing the web to determine the quality and style of our promotional products has its limitations. We suggest you order a few samples and familiarize yourself with the promotions you are considering before placing a large order.

Promotional Product Helps Increase Income

When traditional mail marketing has been displaced by and huge with bulk emails the same principles of marketing apply for both forms of direct communications. The objective of all direct marketing is to create a favorable first impression which draws the target into spending time absorbing the information offered which if properly structured offers a series of logical reasons why the offer you are making should be considered. What is interesting is that those companies which also add promotional products to the package they are using to lure people into engaging with their message have a proven effectiveness which is 500% greater than those simple messages which are provided without accompanying merchandise.  
Imagine that your company was giving a new financial investment scheme to an established list of customers. We all know how much clutter fills both electronic and physical letter boxes these days so it is a simple matter for most people to discard anything which they see which is not immediately recognizable or does not hold the hope of providing something relevant or entertaining. When people sight your promotional offering, even something as humble as a pen or a notepad they are far less likely to ignore it or immediately dispose of it and indeed while they may toss out anything which accompanies the gift they will certainly hold onto the gift item inside.      
Simple matters like sending out printed invoices to your clients can also be made more streamlined and effective by making an inexpensive branded promotional item to the mail out. Say for instance you add a small packet of confectionery to the envelope by way of a “thank you” gift to the recipients. People will surely look more favorably upon your financial demands than they will otherwise and even the most difficult situation can be eased with the effective addition of the right piece of branded merchandise. Not only does the simple gift make people feel luckier about the less pleasant aspects of the communication they have received but the right promo item included can ensure that the next time the same service or china promotional products you have provided is required you will be the first person on the list to be offered the opportunity to quote.  
Consider the example of a company which wants to reactivate a stale list of addresses and get people to respond so that the contact list can be updated and used more effectively to generate sales in the future. Say your offer is that people who send back the coupon or reply to your email will receive a custom branded pen which looks like a much more expensive brand. One of the best advantages of promotional merchandise based marketing is that you can leverage the apparent value of an item on offer compared to a much lower actual cost to your company, because people respond better to your marketing activities.

How to Choose Practical Promo Gifts? 

A piece of recent groundbreaking news has unearthed hitherto unknown facts about the effective use of promotional products in marketing. Where a promotional item had practical utility and could find a place in the office based on its effective use there was 73% retention of the product. Let’s say that people don’t like disposing of items which they may one day find a use for. This is a crucial clue in choosing the best promotional investment for your company or team.
Take for instance something as simple as a promotional ruler. To many people a ruler could be seen as a simple standby gift which was fit for students or to use as a cheap giveaway. It might also be regarded that a ruler would be more suitable if it were placed in a kit with other products to make up a kit. However, we know that in an office rulers have a regular use so it makes sense that instead of going for the most inexpensive plastic option if could be worth your while to consider buying an expensive and amazing ruler which will surely trump all others which have been received previously.
Some regular and simple promotional office item like letter openers, highlighter pens and notepads have been certified through the years to work in making brand awareness. It now seems that the major reason these products work so well is that people are loath to dispose of gift items which may one day have some real value in their daily working lives. It doesn’t take much to place these items in a top drawer so that even if they are not used immediately the likelihood is that they will be thrown out is slim and the future probability is that they will emerge to become powerful ambassadors for your brand message.
So when you’re looking about for a product to use to promote your company or community organization, you do really need to think about the daily business lives of the likely recipients and look for a product they will want to use at least once a day. Repeated exposure to your brand message is a good way for your name to sink in to the awareness of your customers. Research now shows there are little more cost effective ways to do this than providing the proper promotional products to your client base.

What Promo Item Attract you most?

More and more companies spend plenty of time in researching what is the best way forward with their marketing activity. While, there are so many ways you could consider. For example a company could do selective sampling of its customer base, look at ideas which have been done in the past, or they could simply consult with a proven promotional products supplier like Fresh Promotions and ask the opinion of its expert staff. Whichever way you choose to proceed the fact is that as much as an empirical research can confirm details of which products are going to work best for your brand there needs to be an element of freshness, excitement and innovation in the promotional gift offering to truly make use of the emotional chances which naturally flow from the gifting of branded promotional products.
For instance, your company may be in the building and construction industry. Instead of undertaking long-term and expensive research to indicate the way forward in terms of choosing the right promotional merchandise offering it may be simpler to ask people in your organization what products would be the best fir with the likely recipients. The instinct in this situation is often to look for something which could be of immediate use to a tradesman – hammers, rulers or even a carpenters pencil are the kind of ideas which readily come to mind when looking for something to appeal to this class of gift recipient. At face value this seems like a good idea and a mutual beneficial product choice because the items will be of value during the everyday activities of the intended recipient. However it’s a fact that most businessmen already have their preferred range of tools and offering them a promotional gift which is simply an inexpensive copy of a product they already possess could be seen as diminishing the position of your brand in the market. Promo
Therefore, one of the best ways to decide which wholesale promo items are the most suitable for your company to distribute to clients and other business contacts is to speak with the sales force who deal with the intended aims on a normal basis. As a huge part of the business day is handling the personal relationships which develop naturally as a product of the personal interaction which occurs in a normal business day these sales people are possibly to have a great idea of the wants, needs and wishes of the target groups. Rather than spending a lot of money on doing preliminary research which may end up recommending a product which is of little value or interest to the intended recipients simply asking the people who deal with them every day what they would like is an essential way to put forward to an idea so fast.
Next time your company want to find the best way to get your logo before a new market which you would like to become regular clients have a shot at handing out the right promotional merchandise idea and run with something which is recommended by the sales team. Not only are the aware of the motivations of the people you wish to befriend and influence you will also encourage the sales team and get them onboard with your marketing efforts.

Promotional Products with Powerful Strategy

Almost every marketing organization for promotions is searching for the golden path which permits them to get a better return when it comes to profit and revenue than they spend chasing it. Actually, it is not so easy to make it into reality. If there was a tried and tested formula which would ensure a profit for business activity everyone on the planet would be rich and business failure would be unheard of. However, the fact is that marketing is not an exact science and the likelihood of failure is higher than the likelihood of success. So how does the long-term marketer deal with this level of business uncertainty is not present in the other aspects of running an enterprise or something. When a piece of equipment is bought or a new staff member is hired the costs and likely benefits are relatively clear-cut. To be honest, it says nothing with marketing, however investing in custom promotional merchandise has been proven over the years to be one way of cutting this uncertain return on investment and creating a longer-term return on money spent today on business marketing.
The answer to this everlasting promotional riddle is the same solution as the insurance industry offers business and consumers, which is the spreading of the risk. While putting all your marketing eggs in one basket can pay off spectacularly the fact is that a bold all-or-nothing strategy is most likely going to crash and burn because so many uncertain factors come in to play when trying to talk with the general public. It is impossible to have “perfect information” as economists call it as there are multiple variable at every level. A change to one can cause a cascading effect through the whole communications structure and regardless of the best laid plans and the top level of research there is nobody who has the objective knowledge required to guarantee Promotional Products success. 
So if your company plans to make promotional marketing activity first and foremost, work out how much you can afford to spend without any expectation of a return. Don’t blow the budget on one single message delivery medium. This is why using promotional products is a proven successful strategy for companies of all kinds. You can produce one and give it to the right person, or a thousand, but you control the cost per impact at every stage and have a good data set to be able to assess the success of shortcomings of the activity in which you engage. Everything in this world is a chance to learn something new, and every one of these chances has the potential for the clever marketer to provide some information which will better inform future promotional activity. It’s all about finding the “sweet-spot” where your company message coincides with the needs of the market and over the years promotional marketing has proven to be a crucial step towards coming to grips with the motivations of consumers. At every level of your advertising and promotions strategy there should be a constant review and assessment system to make sure that the targeting and delivery of your message maximizes the return on investment. Promotional Products

Promotional Printed Tote Bags with Full Color

We have to say that promotional merchandises are almost about branding. The other features of any product can either raise the effect of the brand message, but there is no promotional products marketing traction to be had without your logo applied to the product. Therefore, full color printed tote bags are one of the newest and most popular lines available. If you’re in the market for colorful and standout branding a personalized tote bag with full color digital branding on both sides is a standout winner the attention grabbing stakes. promotional products
You really need to think about the last time you went to a shopping mall and looking into shop windows and watching the people as they are engaged in their business. Can you remember the ways in which the retailers in the centre promised themselves to passersby? Sure, there are the traditional methods of signage and directional promotional christmas activity which funnels the foot traffic towards open welcoming doors, but beyond that when you are out of visual range what are the means by which retailers are able to capture your attention and work towards influencing your decision as to where you will spend your money and on which product your will place your consumer attention?
Certainly, one of the most significant ways in which this is done by successful retailers is by producing easily recognized and attention grabbing custom printed shopping bags which carry not only the logo and details of the retailer but also make an image in the mind of consumers which meshes with a wider advertising message. By creating a favorable impression with consumers, by means of making an offer which is engaging and appealing a custom printed shopping bag is a great way of turning consumers into walking ambassadors for your brand.
The other advantages having the right custom printed tote bags produced for your company is the possibility that they will remain used by consumers beyond the day on which they were provided by the retailer as a packaging option. A well designed tote bag is something people will find a use for and the mentality of consumers being what it is if your logo has any social cachet people, will be pleased to associate with it in public and will make sure that it becomes more than just a bag, but aligns eventually with the fashionable self-image many people hope to cultivate with their friends and associates.
It is confirmed from all the research that promotional items become successful marketing ambassadors when they both enhance the values your brand and leave a practical, utilitarian experience for consumers. There are few items in the promotional Bags arsenal which do this as well as a tote bag which not only provides a useful store of accessories and handouts at the time of gifting but can be applied to many other additional uses relying on the eventual requirement of the recipient. When you add a full color custom print to the mix and for that matter add a second side to ensure that it’s seen from both sides with a theoretical doubling of impacts you then have a custom item which is not only good for your company and its reputation, but an accessory which consumers will be proud to use and be seen with.

Promotional Marketing

It seems all about getting the attention of the market and controlling the process of potential buyers for the successful promotions and marketing behaviors, which achieves a positive financial fortune. A proven way to realize this is to apply regional filters to your promotional work. Outsiders to any nation look at a whole country’s people as having similar wants and needs but further investigation proves that most nations can be broken into distinct regions. Different regional market dynamics need extra input and customization to achieve successful outcomes. For example, the branded merchandise ideas which work in Brisbane Australia, are not the same as those which generate sales in Sydney or Melbourne. One of the great advantages which promotional items offer as a useful way of growing market share and profits is their ability to be scaled at will. Equally it is an ideal way in which to stress the associations of your brand with the special regional needs of the market. The way in which you use promotional products across the nation should, according to industry best practice, be decided by the requirements and interests of the potential consumers in each region. 
Modern media based strategies are a crucial part of any company’s communication approach and should be developed as the basis of brand awareness. The ease of management of online sales platforms and the ability to control every traffic source to a retail website are strong incentives for every company to take advantage of the change in consumer behaviors which have come about with the advent of online business.
But, the same basic business rules which have for centuries brought marketers and buyers together still apply. Promotional merchandise provides an unbeatable branding opportunity. In these days of online, electronic business, while sourcing traffic and putting an offer in front of a pontential buyer is in some ways easier than it has ever been before the danger lies in that the relationship between consumer and supplier is less personal and therefore less emotionally charged than in previous years.
Promotional gifts issue a valuable gift which adds positive financial value to a relationship while they also make an emotional connection and expanded awareness of brand values with consumers. By overlaying the distribution of branded products with the consideration of the regional requirements of consumers companies can leverage greater sales from their existing marketing activity. Promotional
Next time your company is dividing up the available budget for promotional activity make sure that you do more than take the line of least resistance of buying traffic online. When there is no emotional connection between potential buyers and a brand there is every change that people will neglect your offerings the second an alternative is available. Therefore, in the short term a simple focus on cost of sales versus margin may artificially inflate the bottom line, the sum total of previous marketing may amount to nothing overnight if a competitor offers a worthwhile alternative. The exact product put in the hands of the right person sends a signal to the market that you understand what they are in actual need.

Custom Socks Loved by Young People

We all carry different values and attitudes towards different things, some we may agree, but some we may disagree. One of these is the significance of a comfy pair of socks. It may sound like a trite thing to say, but the simple comfort and utility which a cozy pair of socks makes the average day all that more pleasant, especially while the weather turns colder.
One of the important things about having custom socks manufactured is that they don’t cost a whole lot more than buying a normal pair of socks from a store. Why not then, provide people with a product they will inevitably use and seek to own which has your logo applied and therefore creates a connection between them and you and your company’s offerings?
Personalized custom socks are a great wholesale promotional choice because there are various styles, range of applications and range of materials from which they are made. This spread of “opportunity” ensures that having your own branded socks made is a way to speak with almost everyone.
Custom business socks are the perfect gift for these people, but more and more they are a declining part of the business community and we are seeing that casual wear and a more flexible approach to business is taking root across different markets. For this reason a business sock may not be the best promotional solution for your company. First work out who it is that will be receiving the sock gift you have planned and then decide which of the available styles will best create the relationship you hope to build.
The great way to have your socks made is to have them custom woven. The waving process ensures that the message will peel away or be forcibly removed. As well as these practical advantages the woven sock style looks much better and let’s face it, when you are offering a clothing item you hope people will use regularly making sure it looks good is a crucial part of the product development process.

Promotional Medals with Customized Logo

It is said that medals have been applied to reward the outstanding person and there’s no reason the same rules should not match your promotional activity. As a way to reward supporters of a cause or even offer an exclusive and popular reward for progress or meeting a milestone there are some obvious Promotional products than custom medals available to budge conscious marketers.
It is not complicated to have custom designed medals produced. Using the Fresh Promotions Free Design Service all you should do is to send us the factors you want include – your logo, an image from an event, the text and names of the people involved and leave the rest to us. Our expect medal designers will make the most of the area available on each side of the medals and send the design to you for approval.
Promotional medals can be used in a range of ways but best of all they are long-lasting mementos which will take people back to the event at which they were received. Because medals are exclusive items – you can only receive them from a single source and their supply is restricted to those people involved – they are more sought after and more highly valued than many other gift items people may encounter.
Medals are an amazing items or sports clubs and community organizations to source as a way of rewarding and celebrating their supporters. When you also add a colored ribbon to a medal you highlight its visibility and improve the entire image of the product. By selecting your own colored ribbons and also presentation pouches which ad to the apparent value and exclusivity of a medal gift offering.
However, it opens a world of possibilities to have your own custom made medals produced. You can not only choose the shape and size of the medals or medallions you decide to produce the options are extensive. Your decision includes the color of the metal and the range of enamel colors which can be used to finish the design.

Promotional Products Announces New Ownership

“Success in business and in life needs a strong belief in what can be accomplished. I am encouraged about the products we sell, the people who manufacture them and our ability to take care of our customers every step of the way,” says Kelly. “My vision is to expand into the financial services and educational conferences markets based on the increasing demand for high-quality, logo-branded products and apparel.”
Whether you need cheap giveaways for trade shows, corporate giveaways, holidays, or something in between, we are committed to the best services and products for our clients. Our product selection includes apparel, writing instruments, eco-friendly items, and products that promote health and wellness. It’s never been easier to find the perfect gifts for your promotions.
Our expert account representatives are committed to your satisfaction and are ready to help you find the personalized promotional bags, gift items, and products you need. Our compelling corporate gifts meet high quality standards and are designed to work for every budget. Besides, we make promoting your business affordable, efficient, and fun! We work with end-clients and advertising and marketing firms alike to craft successful marketing campaigns for brands.