It seems all about getting the attention of the market and controlling the process of potential buyers for the successful promotions and marketing behaviors, which achieves a positive financial fortune. A proven way to realize this is to apply regional filters to your promotional work. Outsiders to any nation look at a whole country’s people as having similar wants and needs but further investigation proves that most nations can be broken into distinct regions. Different regional market dynamics need extra input and customization to achieve successful outcomes. For example, the branded merchandise ideas which work in Brisbane Australia, are not the same as those which generate sales in Sydney or Melbourne. One of the great advantages which promotional items offer as a useful way of growing market share and profits is their ability to be scaled at will. Equally it is an ideal way in which to stress the associations of your brand with the special regional needs of the market. The way in which you use promotional products across the nation should, according to industry best practice, be decided by the requirements and interests of the potential consumers in each region. 
Modern media based strategies are a crucial part of any company’s communication approach and should be developed as the basis of brand awareness. The ease of management of online sales platforms and the ability to control every traffic source to a retail website are strong incentives for every company to take advantage of the change in consumer behaviors which have come about with the advent of online business.
But, the same basic business rules which have for centuries brought marketers and buyers together still apply. Promotional merchandise provides an unbeatable branding opportunity. In these days of online, electronic business, while sourcing traffic and putting an offer in front of a pontential buyer is in some ways easier than it has ever been before the danger lies in that the relationship between consumer and supplier is less personal and therefore less emotionally charged than in previous years.
Promotional gifts issue a valuable gift which adds positive financial value to a relationship while they also make an emotional connection and expanded awareness of brand values with consumers. By overlaying the distribution of branded products with the consideration of the regional requirements of consumers companies can leverage greater sales from their existing marketing activity. Promotional
Next time your company is dividing up the available budget for promotional activity make sure that you do more than take the line of least resistance of buying traffic online. When there is no emotional connection between potential buyers and a brand there is every change that people will neglect your offerings the second an alternative is available. Therefore, in the short term a simple focus on cost of sales versus margin may artificially inflate the bottom line, the sum total of previous marketing may amount to nothing overnight if a competitor offers a worthwhile alternative. The exact product put in the hands of the right person sends a signal to the market that you understand what they are in actual need.