We have to say that promotional merchandises are almost about branding. The other features of any product can either raise the effect of the brand message, but there is no promotional products marketing traction to be had without your logo applied to the product. Therefore, full color printed tote bags are one of the newest and most popular lines available. If you’re in the market for colorful and standout branding a personalized tote bag with full color digital branding on both sides is a standout winner the attention grabbing stakes. promotional products
You really need to think about the last time you went to a shopping mall and looking into shop windows and watching the people as they are engaged in their business. Can you remember the ways in which the retailers in the centre promised themselves to passersby? Sure, there are the traditional methods of signage and directional promotional christmas activity which funnels the foot traffic towards open welcoming doors, but beyond that when you are out of visual range what are the means by which retailers are able to capture your attention and work towards influencing your decision as to where you will spend your money and on which product your will place your consumer attention?
Certainly, one of the most significant ways in which this is done by successful retailers is by producing easily recognized and attention grabbing custom printed shopping bags which carry not only the logo and details of the retailer but also make an image in the mind of consumers which meshes with a wider advertising message. By creating a favorable impression with consumers, by means of making an offer which is engaging and appealing a custom printed shopping bag is a great way of turning consumers into walking ambassadors for your brand.
The other advantages having the right custom printed tote bags produced for your company is the possibility that they will remain used by consumers beyond the day on which they were provided by the retailer as a packaging option. A well designed tote bag is something people will find a use for and the mentality of consumers being what it is if your logo has any social cachet people, will be pleased to associate with it in public and will make sure that it becomes more than just a bag, but aligns eventually with the fashionable self-image many people hope to cultivate with their friends and associates.
It is confirmed from all the research that promotional items become successful marketing ambassadors when they both enhance the values your brand and leave a practical, utilitarian experience for consumers. There are few items in the promotional Bags arsenal which do this as well as a tote bag which not only provides a useful store of accessories and handouts at the time of gifting but can be applied to many other additional uses relying on the eventual requirement of the recipient. When you add a full color custom print to the mix and for that matter add a second side to ensure that it’s seen from both sides with a theoretical doubling of impacts you then have a custom item which is not only good for your company and its reputation, but an accessory which consumers will be proud to use and be seen with.